About Us

About Us


akmon s.a. is a wholly owned Greek corporation that specializes in Defense & Aerospace Electronics and also acts as a representative – technical advisor to both foreign and domestic companies active in the promotion and sale of products and services to the Hellenic Armed Forces.

akmon s.a. was established in 1988 and operates from its own manufacturing facility located in the Industrial Park of Ano Liosia, west of Athens, with a staff of high quality mechanical, electrical electronic engineers, skilled technicians and financial specialists.


About Us


  • 1800m2 in Total New Constructed Building Premises
  • 800m2 Production High Graded Area
  • Clean Room Area
  • 24/7 Helpdesk Service Area
  • Training Area
About Us


Our mission is to make akmon s.a. a significant role-player in the Defense and Aerospacedomestic industry and become synonymous with top-level, high-quality products.

In an era of dynamic change in Space, akmon s.a. is combining 30 years of experience and accepts the generation of complex challenges revealing.

About Us


akmon’s Quality Management System is certified according to ISO-9001 and AS/EN-9100 quality standards, from 1999 and 2012 respectively andaccording to the VG 96927 issued by the BAAINBw and the VDE. The Company is registered in “The Registry of Defense Materiel Manufacturers of the Hellenic MOD” Certificate Number: 0020 and is also a member in goodstanding of TRACE International Inc.

akmon s.a. has been audited and approved by defense and aerospace companies such as LOCKHEED MARTIN, BOEING ENVIRONICS OY, AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE, EADS-LFK, GDLS, OERLIKON CONTRAVES, ZEISS, FAUN, AIS, etc. Acting to its capacity as a representative, akmon s.a. is a valuable source of information related to the market environment, providing reliable up-to-date consultancy services.